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Tailor-made solutions 
powering your growth


Tailor-made solutions powering your growth

Our customized suite of services supports your 
scale-up, offering resilience and stability in a fast 
paced, ever-changing tech ecosystem

Our customized suite of services supports
your scale-up, offering resilience and
stability in a fast paced, ever-changing
tech ecosystem



From startup to corporate

After a round of financing? Going global? Getting listed?
As your trusted banking partner, we develop tailored solutions
you need to grow, while you develop 
the technology that’ll change the world.


Wherever you are,
we’re right there with you

A personal relationship manager 
will guide you along your path.



Wherever you are, 
we’re right there with you

A personal relationship manager 
will guide you along your path.

Our team is waiting to call you

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I authorize Bank Hapoalim Ltd. to keep the information in its databases and to contact me with marketing offers regarding the bank's services and products, including in writing, by phone, by email or by text message. I know that I have no obligation by law to provide the details and that they are provided of my own free will and with my consent.
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Important Notice: 

  • Subject to the terms of the bank and the service available for viewing on the website and in the application. The bank may change the terms of service at any time and subject to any law.
  • There is no commitment by the bank to open the account. The opening of the account is subjected to the bank's terms and conditions and its approval. 
  • The account will be opened with Bank Hapoalim Ltd., an Israeli licensed bank, in one of its branches in Israel. The account and the activity therein is governed by Israeli law. 
  • The above does not constitute an offer to provide credit.
  • Failure to meet the repayment of the loan or the repayment of the credit by credit card, may result in the charging of arrears interest and enforcement procedures. Issuance of the credit card is subject to the approval of the credit card company and/or the bank and at their discretion. Lender's name (credit provider) : Bank Hapoalim Ltd.